Real Assets
on the blockchain!
A decentralized system that allows anyone to issue and buy tokens that track assets.
Version 2 Launches In
Version 2 Planned for August 30th 2021

Deposit Collateral in Vault

Create a vault, and deposit your collateral in it.

Mint Index Tokens

Use your vault to mint new index tokens, with a margin of safety.

Use Your Tokens!

Price oracle ensures the tokens track the underlying diversified assets, plus efficient yield enhancement.
Buy the vSPY token on Uniswap now!
Prototypical AssetToken: vSPY
  • Name: vSPY
  • Backed By: ETH
  • Current System Fee: 00.00%
  • Hard Fee Cap: 01.80%
  • Max Maint LTV of Vault: 80%
  • Max Initial LTV of Vault: 70%
1 vSPY token = 1 SPY ETF + Dividends + (in v2.0) Short Rebate Fees + Carry Factor
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Nov 2020

MVP and Proof of Concept Launched

Mar 2021

V2 features fully integrated in beta.

Sept 2021

Marketing push for users and community members.

Oct 2020

Whitepaper strategy specified.

January 2021

Initial MVP Participation Interest Collected.  Design direction voted for.

Aug 2021

Release of V2 to mainnet.

Oct 2021

Feedback on strengthening robustness of system.

  • Nov 2020 (Version 0.1) launched with full base functionality.
  • Mar 2021 V2 features programmed and ready for testing.
  • Oct 2021 Publicity Campaign in Full for ItoVault
  • Oct 2020Major Whitepaper Components Specified
  • Jan 2021 MVP Participant Feedback Collated. Features Specified.
  • Aug 2021 Version 2 launched with highest-value features added.
  • Dec 2021 Future Development With Community-Guided Direction

vSPY token price

Interested Participants

Supported countries

ItoVault’s whitepaper provides the most comprehensive overview of the ItoVault system, including dividing into technical details of the ItoVault system.  For the full verifiable exact specification, review our codebase.

Blog Articles
Review our blog for the latest ItoVault news and commentary about the cryptosphere!
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Welcome to the Blog of ItoVault

Our philosophy for developing ItoVault is to start with an MVP (minimally viable product) called V1.0 which generally would track the SPY, even though it is missing some of the more advanced bells and whistles specified in the whitepaper for V2.  Then we’d look at uptake rates, and feedback from preliminary customers, to help us guide the direction of development of the system.

Get in Touch

    Please write in with: feature requests, interests to add new AssetTokens, suggestions, bugfixes, and general interest.