Welcome to the Blog of ItoVault

Welcome to the ItoVault Blog

Please subscribe to our blog to keep updated on ItoVault’s latest developments!  At the start, in order to keep our supporters informed, and to give supporters creative ideas about all our development directions, we’ll err in the direction of overpublishing, even if some of what we publish is provisional and would need more fleshing out or consensus to actually implement

Our philosophy for developing ItoVault is to start with an MVP (minimally viable product) called V1.0 which generally would track the SPY, even though it is missing some of the more advanced bells and whistles specified in the whitepaper for V2.  Then we’d look at uptake rates, and feedback from preliminary customers, to help us guide the direction of development of the system.

You can express interest in one of two ways.  The first way is to directly purchase vSPY tokens on Uniswap.  These are actual tokens that will move in a correlated way with the SPY that you can use immediately!  This also tells us that we have real demand for this product, so buying vSPY is the *most direct* way to support the project.

The second method of expressing interest is through depositing Ether in our fully refundable Claim Contracts.  Each Claim Contract represents your validated interest for a V2 contract, due to launch around May 2021.

Keep in mind you can always pull your Ethers back from a Claim Contract at any time (this would de-establish your claim and reduce any rewards).  You can audit the simply code of the Claim Contact on Github to be ensured of its integrity.

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