Get $100 in vSPY Tokens! Talk to us!

Do you want a free $100 in vSPY tokens? Would you mind talking to us for 30 minutes to help improve our product? If so, here are three simple steps to claim your $100 in vSPY tokens for free!

  1. Get some vSPY tokens. Any positive amount will qualify you — even $1 worth!
  2. Fill out our contact form. Make sure the keyword “FREE100” is in your message, and include your ETH address.
  3. We’ll schedule a quick 30 minute voice call. The call will discuss what you like most in vSPY and how’d you like to improve it. After the call, we’ll deposit $100 of vSPY in the address above.

Q: Is the offer still good today? A: If you are reading this, the offer is still good! We will pay for the first 10 discussions we have. If our quota fills, we will let you know before any discussion and immediately take this page down.

Ready to get started? First get any positive amount of vSPY tokens here!


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