Our team is led by Ito Takahashi, the pseudonymous developer and marketer for ItoVault.  Ito has been in the crypto space since 2011, and was a supporter of Bitcoin as early as 2013.  Ito has experiences launch a number of successful startups in the past.
Why choose ItoVault?
Efficient capture of all economic benefits of holding the underlying price series.

ItoVault is mission oriented towards the economic benefit of tokenholders.  Towards this end, system fees have a low hard limit to ensure benefits accrue to tokenholders, who can efficiently capture the economic fair price of holding a price series, such is capturing interest, dividends, short rebate fees — with no token locking or action needed by the tokenholder.  Further, while the prototypical token example represents a diversified basket of assets, the token is flexible enough to represent any sufficiently regular price series.

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