Free Gas for Buying vSPACEX and vSPY!

Update Mar 26 2021, 16:30 UTC: Due to us having sufficiently liquidity for the tokens above, we’ll be wrapping up the free gas program. We want everyone to have sufficient notice beforehand: if you submitted your transaction (as verified on before Mar 26th, 2021, 17:00 UTC *and* submit the contact form before Mar 28th, 2021 00:01 UTC, we will honor your request!

A number of ItoVault supporters have written in about the high gas fees of buying our tokens on Uniswap. They’ve helpfully suggested we port a version to BSC or Solana, something which we are looking into quite strongly.

In the meantime, we’d like to help vSPACEX and vSPY supporters by having a gas rebate program. This way, you can buy, hold, and sell our tokens for free effectively, without paying gas. To get started:

  1. Simply buy any amount of vSPACEX or vSPY on Uniswap against ETH (either these links or the one on our front pages will take you to the correct pools).
  2. For gas price, put in any value 150 or lower.
  3. Submit our contact form with subject line “FREEGAS” and your address.

We’ll refund you TWICE the gas you paid up (so it covers the price to sell our token as well) up to $100. This is a stopgap measure to bring you effectively free gas.

Limitations of this include: only one rebate valid per address. We current have pilot funding for 100 addresses, so once that many addresses claim the free gas, we can’t guarantee it afterwards.

(But don’t worry, currently as of this writing the pool is <10% claimed. The claim address is here and you can count the number of ETH transfers out of value <$100 to see how many of the 100 FREEGAS claims have already been used up!)

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