Invest and Help SpaceX with the vSPACEX Token

Are you excited about SpaceX and the vision to bring humanity to Mars? If so, you might have considered investing in SpaceX. Such an investment would both let you help Elon Musk get to Mars (by providing him funding), and also financially benefit if SpaceX does well.

Since SpaceX is a private company, you can’t just log into Robinhood and buy a piece of SpaceX tomorrow. But we’ve created the next best thing on the blockchain: the vSPACEX token.

The vSPACEX token uses ItoVault technology to track the price of actual privately held SpaceX shares. It’s a pre-IPO token, which means that when SpaceX IPOs, it will be fully redeemable for the value of SpaceX!

By buying vSPACEX share, you actually help support the mission to Mars. By increasing the price of vSPACEX, you demonstrate to Elon and SpaceX that they are worth more, allowing SpaceX to fundraise at higher price. The extra funding can be used by Elon to iterate and get to Mars!

Since vSPACEX uses the ItoVault defi system, it does not rely on any trusted party to be the custodian. Collateral locked in vaults on the Ethereum blockchain back the value of vSPACEX! The system is censorship resistant, mainly relies on the price of SpaceX after it IPOs (as reported by an oracle, like Chainlink) to determine it’s value.

You can read the whitepaper here. Even better, buy some vSPACEX right now on Uniswap!

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